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What we're doing to keep our community safe

Hi Colorado,

As we all face the hardships presented by the COVID-19 outbreak, I want you to know that the team at Epoxy Colorado is doing everything we can to continue serving you safely and conveniently during this time.

This includes measures for eliminating contact and exposure, as well as added protocols for communication. All communication moving forward will be handled via phone or email, including while we’re on the job site.

In addition, we’re offering interest-free financing for the second portion of your payment and we’re eliminating all credit card processing fees at this time.
Give us a call for more details and thank you for the continuing opportunity to serve your Epoxy flooring needs.

CDC guidelines and protocols we're following in response to COVID-19 include (but not limited to):
  • Staff wearing masks
  • Staff temperature checked
  • Wearing PPE during visits
  • Over-the-phone estimates